About Me and that strange thing called Writing


In a nutshell, I am a 50-something wife and mother, would-be writer, Pagan, Piscean, living in rural Wales. Writing credentials? Well, I’ve never actually been published professionally. In my heart I know that that doesn’t matter, but it’s what “people” want to hear. You’re a writer? Oooh, have you been published anywhere?

I won second prize in a competition run by Gateshead county council, years ago. Apart from that, I have finished the creative writing module of the Open University. My plan, eventually, is to do an MA in creative writing. Oh, and I want to actually get on and finish my novel!

ABOUT CANTRE’R GWAELOD: No, I do not speak Welsh, though I am learning it. So please, don’t start sending me comments in Cymraeg! But I have long been fascinated by Wales’, or at least, Ceredigion’s, drowned city. Cantre’r Gwaelod means “The Bottom Hundreds” and it refers to land which, at the time, was not under water as part of Cardigan Bay. One of the stories is the typical “Pagans are bad” version in that it was a God-less town and one sunday the people there were partying like there was no tomorrow. The town had a sluice gate to keep the sea back and it was one man’s job to look after it. But on that night, he had joined the party. The result was that the sea rushed in and engulfed the city, and everyone drowned.

I bought cantrergwaelod.com from Namesilo¬†on november 24 2012. It is hosted by ParadeHosting. I decided to make it into a writing blog as I’ve made a resolution to really get on with writing now. I think it’s about time!