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Research getting out of hand!

I’m researching the Camp Fire Girls for a book I’ve decided to write. Yes, a novel. Shelving the Novel for a while and writing a novel instead. (Note the capital and small letters.) It’s to be called “Lone Guide Nesta” and is a school story set in the 1920’s. Nesta goes to a small boarding school, aged 16, after the death of her last parent. To her horror, the school is based along Kibbo Kift ideals as the two elderly headmistresses have a son/nephew in that organisation. She thinks it’s something of a “crank” school, especially as there are no Guides at the school, only the Camp Fire.

Nesta is a keen Guide and she decided to become a Lone Guide. Encounters with her classmates make her realise that the two are not in competition. However, she decides not to join the Camp Fire,though she is invited to attend meetings and the monthly camp fire.

So, I’ve been doing research and getting tangled up in side issues. It’s all too easy to go down one path and then be led along another. I ended up looking at the websites of girls’ groups that have recently sprung up in the US, as alternatives to the Girl Scouts. It’s all very fascinating, but has nothing to do with 1920’s Britain. I can see a National Library reader’s ticket in my future!

Hello world!

The obligatory first post. So, hello world and welcome to my new writing blog. I decided that I wanted to blog about writing, about writers and anything to do with writing. So here it is.

I am currently working towards getting a Certificate of Education in creative writing at Aberystwyth university. I have completed the module on creative writing with the Open University  The plan, when I’ve finished the BA I’m doing with the OU, is to go in for an MA in creative writing with Aberystwyth university. So it will be all creative writing all the time!

Of course, I am writing this as a nice piece of procrastination. I have a short story due on monday for the class I am taking on creativity. But more of that later, I’ll probably discuss it when I’ve finished it. As part of the class work, I had to keep a journal about my progress (or, ha, yes…) in writing. This will be a digital version of that journal. I’ll probably put in some entries from the paper journal and  go on with it here. Anyway, that’s the plan! Comments very welcome!