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Going better than I thought!

I had intended to blog about my Nanowrimo experience, but I’ve been too busy actually writing! To date, I have written 38,201 and have only 11,799 to go! I can’t believe it, I’ve never enjoyed writing so much as I have been lately.

I am writing by hand in an Arc A4 notebook. I went through the pack of paper that came with the binder, and I’m almost finished the second pack. Thank goodness I have another one in the drawer of my desk! The story has changed as I’ve gone on. I did write a reasonably detailed plot before I started, but I’ve only loosely followed it. I had intended one chapter to be about a trip to Aberystwyth beach, but it turned into a two-page dream instead. My main hero/villain was supposed to be in much of the initial chapters, but he wandered off in chapter one and did not returnĀ until chapter 6. And his wife was supposed to be a meek and mild little lady, instead she’s turned into a stroppy spoiled madam! Insane!

Anyway, back to The Novel. Can’t wait to post at the finishing line!

Let’s Nanowrimo again, redux.


Yes, I’m doing it again, again. And this time I will succeed, I will write a novel in one month. So help me Nisaba! (It seems appropriate to invoke Nisaba as she is the Goddess of writing.) I am tackling “Something Rich and Strange”. It’s lain fallow for long enough, now is the time to get it down only paper. I’m still not entirely sure of the plot: will I include a modern character, who was the original inspiration for the story, or will I stick to the WWI plot? Who knows? It’s seat of the pants time! This could be fun or it could be terrible. Join me to find out which.


I went to a creative writing course recently, held in Denman College. Denman is in the village of Marcham in Oxfordshire and belongs to the Women’s Institute. Being the WI, of course there are lots of cooking, craft and flower arranging courses. But they also run a lot of “lifestyle” courses, and writing is part of that category. The course I went there for was “characters come first”, run by Chrissie Hall.

I’ve taken a course run by Chrissie before and she is wonderful! She’s an enthusiastic, helpful and supportive cheerleader for would-be writers. I took my fledgling idea for “Something Rich and Strange” and came away with a plot outline, a cast of characters and a definite idea of what I want to do. It is not the same story as the one I originally thought of, when I was going to “do” Nanowrimo a while back. (The one for which I made the banner below.) But it’s a far better story and I am raring to get on with it!

So far I have worked outĀ the whole thing, to 12 and a half A4 pages. I’m now working on creating the characters and more closely plotting the chapters. The photo above is one from my collection, of a family taken in WWI. They are my inspiration, along with Chrissie’s invaluable support. This time I may just make it to the end. Wish me luck!

P.S. Oh yes, Cantre’r Gwaelod is included in the story.