Going better than I thought!

I had intended to blog about my Nanowrimo experience, but I’ve been too busy actually writing! To date, I have written 38,201 and have only 11,799 to go! I can’t believe it, I’ve never enjoyed writing so much as I have been lately.

I am writing by hand in an Arc A4 notebook. I went through the pack of paper that came with the binder, and I’m almost finished the second pack. Thank goodness I have another one in the drawer of my desk! The story has changed as I’ve gone on. I did write a reasonably detailed plot before I started, but I’ve only loosely followed it. I had intended one chapter to be about a trip to Aberystwyth beach, but it turned into a two-page dream instead. My main hero/villain was supposed to be in much of the initial chapters, but he wandered off in chapter one and did not returnĀ until chapter 6. And his wife was supposed to be a meek and mild little lady, instead she’s turned into a stroppy spoiled madam! Insane!

Anyway, back to The Novel. Can’t wait to post at the finishing line!

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