Let’s NaNoWriMo again like we did two years ago!

Yes, once more into the breach dear friends. Here we go again! It’s coming up to mid october so it’s time to sharpen up the typewriter and degunge the Chromebook. Nanowrimo will be starting soon and I’ve decided to give it another go. I actually missed the silliness last year, but I was really far too busy on the last module of my degree. Because it was the last module I felt I had to give it a bit more time and attention. But now I’ve finished, the certificate arrived today and I am a real, live, BA Open (hons) with a 2:1. Woo hoo!

I still have not worked on or knocked into shape, the novel I was originally writing the last time I “did” Nanowrimo. To be honest, though I still want to finish it, I am getting sick and tired of it. So, I have a new plot, a new title and one character. I have come up with the ending and basic idea. Want to know what it’s called?

Something Rich and Strange

I’ve accepted that I am somewhat obsessed with the sea, (hence, y’know, the title of this blog) this will also be along the lines of the sea, motherhood, Welsh legends and general strangeness.

Business as usual.

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